‘Dide has stood apart, as an individual capable of literally shifting trends and genres, with the ability to create new profound content, which could be pertinent to audiences the world over’ - Ashai Nicholas, Arts Council England

Dide Siemmond is a writer, composer and artist, who, after studying at the University of Cambridge, Lausanne Conservatoire of Music and Royal College of Music JD, has created and exhibited various forms of visual art and won prestigious international awards and residencies, as well as having written seven books, two theatre plays and composed music, sometimes using a composition technique she invented. Her work has elicited diverse press coverage.

She has many interests - dancing, sports, film, politics, economics, science and psychology - plus those mentioned. She speaks six languages to varying degrees and has lived all over the world. She has worked as a translator, editor, journalist, abstract writer and teacher (of violin, singing, piano and English). Her clients include award-winning authors and publishers, world-renowned university professors, international newspapers, national governments and leading global companies like LVMH, Booking.com and Blinkist. She currently divides her time between managing her own creative projects and translating from German, French and Turkish into English.

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