For much of her career, Dide has earned through editing and translating.

She has both in-house and remote editorial experience in book publishing, journalism and online content publishing, having worked directly or indirectly for clients, such as award-winning authors, established publishers, world-renowned university professors, international newspapers, national governments and leading global companies like LVMH, and Blinkist, where she wrote summaries of books ranging from economics, finance and political history, to neuroscience, popular non-fiction and biography (Albert Einstein and Elon Musk). Please get in contact with her if you'd like her to proofread or edit any of your work and an appropriate fee can be established.

In terms of translating, she translates from German, French and Turkish into English, currently for YTranslations. She has translation, transcription and film subtitling experience in all domains, though mainly technical, legal, medical and marketing/advertising. She also speaks intermediate Spanish and a little Japanese. Please email her to see her CV and rates.

Dide has also taught English, violin, singing and piano, both in schools and privately.